Antunes Deluxe Food Warmer Rapid Steamer – DFWT-250

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MODEL: DFWT-250 Antunes Deluxe Food Warmer Rapid Steamer

The Deluxe Food Warmer series allows operators to serve hot food quickly with the push of a button. The key
is plain tap water, converted into steam, fully penetrating food from all sides. From pasta, breads, meat and
seafood to poultry, eggs and vegetables, it’s the perfect way to maintain the original texture, color, flavor and
nutritional value of a variety of menu items.
This amazing series of equipment can be used to prepare a variety of different menu items, including pastas, breads, meats, seafood,
poultry, eggs, vegetables and more. The Deluxe Food Warmer converts plain tap water into steam, with the simple push of a button, that
fully penetrates foods from all sides to keep the original textures, colors, flavors, and nutrients. The end result: food that looks fresher
and tastes better.


  • Open compartment delivers steam from all sides.
  • Available with half, two-thirds, or full size pan capacity.
  • Instantly turns plain tap water into steam.
  • 0-99 minute timed steam cooking with instant warming button.
  • Fully adjustable pulse of steam on models with timers.
  • Prepare a variety of different menu items with a consistent finish each and every time.
  • Available with a self-contained water reservoir or direct water hookup.



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Weight35 kg
Dimensions600 × 500 × 300 cm



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