Prince Castle Egg Cooker – EC6

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MODEL: EC6 Prince Castle Egg Cooker

Prince Castle EC6-series egg cooker provides restaurants a quick and professional solution for egg products. With different lid and egg ring options, the EC6 is able to cook eggs to round or rectangle shapes, with the flexibility to add new shapes in the future.

The precise heating platen temperature control and controlled steam created during the cooking cycle provide a consistent cooking result from cycle to cycle. Eggs are cooked in less than 3 minutes with perfect shape and great taste.

The PCB control board with programmed settings make operation easier, with a built in buzzer to remind the operator when eggs are ready. Cover and Egg Rings are easy to remove without tools, making the equipment quick and easy to clean.

• Cook up to 6 eggs at a time
• Round & rectangle shaped egg rings currently available, with customized egg shapes possible
• Easy to use
• Electrical temperature control & timers for consistent results
• Non-stick egg ring with detachable design for easy cleaning
• Compact design makes efficient use of counter space
• Robust stainless steel construction for commercial use



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Prince Castle

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