Emainox Elegance 2 Gn Refrigerated Blown Air Coldwell – 8046500

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Emainox Elegance Drop-In Refrigerated Wells 2023

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8046500 – Emainox Elegance 2 Gn Refrigerated Blown Air Coldwell


► Elegance is a drop in line composed of all professional self service standard elements: water and dry heated

bain-marie units, glass-ceramic hotplates, refrigerated tops and wells, refrigerated and heated display

cases, together with a vast choice of gantries and accessories.

► Elegance line is composed of standard elements to be built in worktops made of any type of material and

is therefore well suited to any kind of shop fitting. It ensures that (hot and cold) food is kept at the right

temperature, according to the highest safety standards.

► Ventilated elements have been conceived for distribution and display of foods and drinks that need to

be kept at a hot or cold constant temperature. They have been designed to display food only during the

distribution phase, not to hold food permanently.

► These appliances are not suited to work at not controlled ambient conditions (rain, direct sun, etc…).

► All elements are fastened to the worktop by means of adjustable brackets and the refrigerated elements

may be equipped with condensing unit in the plug-in version, or preset for remote refrigeration, by requiring

in this case refrigerant gas charge and testing.

► CE mark certified equipment